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In this day & age of advancement in medical technology & surgical procedures, the role of a family doctor has diminished with a number of specialty and sub specialties in the medical field.  This made it complicated for medical consumers to choose and access the right medical services.  

For today’s Tech savvy generation, the Internet plays a major role in providing information and influencing people who look for the best suitable treatment at a desired cost besides the infrastructure of hospitals & other state-of-the-art facilities.  KYH is born with the intent to provide this information and make the right healthcare easily accessible.  

We at KYH want to give healthcare its due importance by giving the public the privilege to see the various options available to choose the most suitable & convenient option that fits their need.  

KYH is a discovery portal for healthcare service providers and healthcare consumers to find each other.  

Post reviews and rate services based on their experience which will help other potential healthcare consumers make informed decisions among the choices available to them 

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We will be online from August 2017 onwards! Let change the world.